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Admissions Process

Our admissions procedure is designed to evaluate your child’s suitability at Mount Kelly International Preschool (MKIP) and this then informs our teachers and their planning for your child’s individual learning. The admissions procedure is reviewed by the Admissions Office in order to ensure each child will benefit from an MKIP education. These following procedures apply at all main points of entry.

Application Form

For faster processing, we strongly suggest parents fill in our on-line application form and settle the application fee payment through PAYPAL. Alternatively, the Application Form can be downloaded from our school website or obtained at our Admissions Office.

A separate Application Form must be completed and submitted for each child.

The Application Form must be submitted together with the required documents (listed below) and a non-refundable Application Fee of HK$40 (By cash; by cheque payable to “Mount Kelly International Preschool Limited”; or by bank transfer (details can be found on the Application Form)).

If you are posting the Application Form and supporting documents, please include copies of all the documents listed below. At the Assessment and Interview stage, we will request to sight the necessary originals. If you are using the regular postal service, we recommend using Registered Post to ensure tracking and delivery.

You may also personally deliver the Application Form and supporting documents to our Admissions Office. If you choose this option, please bring together the necessary original documents for our sighting.

All the requirements above must be completed before the assessment and interview will be arranged.

Our applications open two years prior to the start of the school year you are applying for.

Required Documents

The following documents are required for each child, and the copies must be submitted with the completed Application Form. Some documents not in English should be translated by a professional translator or consular service, please consult with our admission officer for details.

  1. Child’s valid passport – sight of the original and one copy of photo page only
  2. Child’s birth certificate – sight of the original and one copy
  3. Child’s Hong Kong Identity Card or VISA label (where applicable) – sight of the original and one copy
  4. Copy of both parent’s passport photo pages only
  5. Both parent’s Hong Kong Identity Card (where applicable) – sight of original and one copy
  6. Proof of address (recent utility bill or bank statement)
  7. Copies of the student’s two most recent school reports (if applicable)
  8. Name of student’s current school and the Head’s contact details for reference
  9. Copies of any previous Educational Psychologist’s evaluations (if applicable)
  10. Two recent passport sized photos of your child
    – Taken within the past three months
    – Plain background
    – Showing full frontal face with clear facial features
    – Dimensions: 40mm (width) x 50mm (height)

Assessment and Interview

For children entering Preschool (Kindergarten) Nursery (K1), Reception (K2), Upper Reception (K3) there will be an observational process and assessment. Our assessment sessions are child-friendly and developmentally appropriate. The assessment ensures that all children entering Mount Kelly International Preschool can access the curriculum of the School. The School will further use the results of this evaluation when base lining the students following entry, to track and monitor individual progress.

 The assessment and evaluative aspects of the admissions procedure is composed of:

  1. Entry observational evaluations are used ensuring that all children can readily access the MKIP curriculum.
  2. Confidential references – The Head or Class Teacher in the child’s current School will be invited to provide a written reference or relevant school reports about the child’s academic ability, attitude, behaviour, involvement in the School community, talents, interests, and any other special circumstances such as special education needs or known disabilities. The reference may also include the results of tests taken at the School.
  3. Disability assessments – where applicable.

Each child will be assessed within a warm and nurturing small group environment.

Children will be observed whilst participating in planned group activities. These observations will focus on School readiness. ‘School Readiness’ is a term that relates more to a child’s characteristics rather than their competencies in Literacy and Numeracy. Some of the expected characteristics of School readiness at Mount Kelly International Preschool include:

  • Being confident and having good self-esteem
  • Possessing Age appropriate abilities in:
    – coping with separation from parents/caregiver
    – focusing and paying attention
    – taking turns and sharing
    – responding to simple questions
  • Being active in learning and inquiry

The parent interview is an opportunity to discuss Mount Kelly’s educational programme, your child’s future potential at our premier British School and alignment of our School’s ethos.

Invitation to reserve the school place

Within two weeks of the assessment and interview, parents will be informed of the outcome by email. If the assessment and interview has been successful, parents will be invited to reserve their child’s place at Mount Kelly International Preschool.

Offer and Acceptance

All children are admitted according to their admissions priority (Nominees of Nomination Certificate Holders will receive top tier admissions) as well as a guaranteed school place for our Preparatory School place of Year 1 or Year 2; children may be placed on a waiting list for over-subscribed year groups.

Overseas candidates

Previous school reports as well as a letter of recommendation from the Head will be required. We may also conduct a Skype call to speak with the child and parents.

Special Circumstances

We will recognise that a child’s performance may well be affected by particular circumstances; for example, if

  • s/he is unwell or has had a lengthy absence from his/her School;
  • there are particular family circumstances such as a recent bereavement;
  • there is a relevant educational history, for example education outside the British system;
  • s/he has a disability or specific learning difficulties;

In any of these cases, we may request further information such as a medical certificate or educational psychologist’s report and any associated correspondence or details from the child’s current school (including samples of work) or any family history of dyslexia, as we consider necessary to make a fair assessment.


Parents must, at the earliest occasion, disclose any known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, allergies, disabilities or learning difficulties.

Admissions Priority

In the eventual occasions of over subscription, children meeting our admission requirements will be admitted according to the following conditions and/or priority:

  • INC Holders receive top-tier priority for admissions to MKIP and to Preparatory school Year 1.
  • Children that are enrolled in the Babies and Toddlers Programmes at the time of application will receive priority admissions into the Preschool.
  • Children from Mount Kelly International Preschool receive priority admission into Preparatory School Year 1, assessments will take place in the classroom setting by Mount Kelly International Preschool teachers and School Head.
  • Applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis and are open two years in advance.

Nomination Certificates and Admissions Priority


  • Nomination Certificates can be subscribed to at any time before submission of the admissions application in order to receive admissions priority.
  • Nomination Certificate holders’ nominated children enrolled in the Preschool will receive top-tier priority and guaranteed admissions into the Preparatory School.
  • Please contact our Admissions Office at 2157 9557 or email to admissions@mountkelly.edu.hk for further details regarding the admissions priority for Nomination Certificate holders.