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Admissions Policy


The aims of this policy are to:

i)     ensure compliance with the School’s aims;

ii)  identify and admit children who will benefit from the ethos, education and activities of our community.


MKIP is a preschool (kindergarten) following the English National Curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS) in an international and culturally diverse setting. The School has a strong UK Independent School ethos following its sister school, Mount Kelly, UK, in terms of its values, curriculum and holistic education. English is the School’s language of operation and all students are expected to be proficient in it according to their age. MKIP assesses children for entry ensuring that they can access all aspects of the curriculum and to aid planning for teaching and learning. We seek to ensure every child’s happiness and well-being within the environment on offer. As such, the School is not selective solely on an academic set of criteria.


Equal Opportunities

We welcome children from different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. Human rights and freedoms are respected and are balanced within the lawful needs of Hong Kong and the rights and freedoms of others. All candidates for admissions will be treated equally, irrespective of their or their parents’ race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, birth or other status.


Disability and Special Educational Needs

Presently the School has limited facilities for children with disabilities and special educational needs but will do all that is reasonable to comply with its legal and moral responsibilities under the auspices of Hong Kong law. The School needs to be made aware of any known disability or special educational needs which may affect a child’s ability to take full advantage of the education provided at the School. Parents of a child who has any disabilities or special educational needs should provide the School with full written details at registration, or subsequently, before accepting the offer of a place.


The School needs this information so that, in the case of any child with particular needs, we can assess those needs and consult with parents about the adjustments which can reasonably be made to cater adequately for the child’s needs both during the admissions process and if an offer of a place is made.

Similarly, if special education needs or a disability become apparent after admissions, the School will consult with parents about reasonable adjustments that may allow the child to continue at the School.