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Preschool Life

Life at Mount Kelly International Preschool is enjoyable, engaging and enriching. We want children to enjoy their first experiences of school, and they should be eager to come to Preschool and join their peers and teachers and participate in diverse activities on offer.

A Typical School Day
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8:45-9:00/13:00-13:15 Welcome time and free choice activities
9:00-9:20/13:15-13:35 Circle Time (stories/songs/sharing)
9:20-10:30/13:35-14:45 Continuous Provision (structured and unstructured play)
10:30-10:45/14:45-15:00 Snack
10:45-11:15/15:00-15:30 Chinese Language Circle Time & Activities
11:15-11:45/15:30-16:00 PE and Games
11:45-12:00/16:00-16:15 Goodbye Circle Time and Sharing
12:00/16:15 Buses



In the Preschool assemblies are held periodically through each term. These will provide a chance for children to share their work, celebrate their successes and to perform for their peers, teachers and families.


Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is concerned with the personal, social and emotional needs of children. For the young children at Mount Kelly International Preschool, pastoral care is interwoven into their daily school life. Teachers support the learning, behaviour and welfare of the children at every stage of their development, from saying goodbye to parents on the first day of school, to making lasting friendships through social interactions.

The Head of Preschool has overall responsibility for pastoral matters at the Preschool and teachers provide day-to-day pastoral care and liaise closely with parents and other staff on a daily basis.