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Mount Kelly prides itself on its excellent tracking of students’ progress. At the International Preschool, we have an online platform called Tapestry. Parents are able to view all of their child’s observations, photographs and even videos from their time in class. Parents receive an email telling them when a new observation or piece of work is available for them to view. This enables them to follow their child’s individual progress closely and allows them to reflect upon their achievements with their child. Parents can also add their own comments so that our staff can find out about the learning that the students get up to at home.

The teachers plan their lessons based on the EYFS Framework and assess the children on their growth. The Early Learning Goals (the targets the children need to achieve) are already set up in the program. The teacher picks the area the child is being assessed, makes a note of it, highlight the area of learning and add the evidence, such as, pictures or videos of the students working or the final product of a task.

At the end of the year, the teachers will email you a link, so you may download and save all the pictures onto your computer. You can also print them into a book for keeping.

As your child moves up in Mount Kelly Early Years, their progress is recorded and visible for you at all times.