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Mount Kelly Open House

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Saturday, 11 July 2020 All Day

Mount Kelly Open Day

Mount Kelly is an all-through school offering a British international education in Hong Kong from playgroups to pre-university levels. We are an inclusive and small community where all students are valued and given personalised learning to help them reach academic excellence within small class sizes (max 15 per class).

Our curriculum not only ensures students meet the expectations set by the English National Curriculum but also expands their knowledge. Students take part in various activities such as our language learning (Mandarin, French and Spanish), outdoor Shackleton programmes, extracurricular activities and our unique Mathematically Musically Minded scheme where we integrate music to all parts of the curriculum.

At Mount Kelly, we have adapted the curriculum to meet the needs of the Hong Kong market. We offer an accredited Mandarin curriculum using Traditional characters and an enhanced maths curriculum in which we fuse aspects of the local Hong Kong curriculum with the English National curriculum to ensure our students meet the highest standards in mathematics.

At the core of our school lie our Mount Kelly values. These values are Kindness, Enthusiasm, Love of learning, Leadership and celebrating You. We invite you to visit us on 11th July to discover why the Mount Kelly journey will help your child reach their goals.

Event: Mount Kelly Open Day
Date: 11 July
Time: 11:00AM Primary and Secondary / 2:00PM Early Years
There will be same-day assessment in the morning for primary and secondary students.

Public Holiday

No Public Holiday for this month