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Teaching at the Preschool

Through their play, preschool children build imagination, develop language and reading abilities, strengthen their physical skills and build self-esteem, confidence and friendships.

Mount Kelly International Preschool and Nursery School’s approach to Early Childhood Education fosters children’s discovery of their world. Through adventure, exploratory and social play, children become skilled at learning and taking the love of learning throughout their education years into the future. Through our structured lessons, children have focused sessions for Maths, Phonics and Literacy. The structured lessons are set up so students can access and achieve the learning objectives, consolidating their experiences through play.

Our international qualified and experienced Early Years Teachers carefully plan experiences to inspire meaningful play and ignite children’s imaginations. Our structured lessons aim to ensure students reach the learning objectives and ensure they reach their full potential. Children develop their love of learning in our safe and secure environment.

We have differentiated learning in the preschool classrooms to cater for the children’s individual needs and levels. This allows the students to move at their own pace to be confident learners.